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Intro Interactive Video

Humanry Stories

are videos that feel like conversations & compel action.

Interactive Videos
Are Salespeople.

What's Holding
You Back?

Cost Concerns?

Lack of Expertise?

Time Constraints?

Uncertainty about ROI?

Technical Challenges?

Competitive Pressure?

 We Make It Easy... 

Interactive Technology

A Humanry Story

is your best pitch, filmed, and interactive. It starts conversations and moves people to the finish line...

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People remember:

95% of a video’s message

10% of a written message

Hire Pros

Hire Pros

In addition to interactive technology, we’re here to help. From script editors, to on-camera coaches, to website gurus, we’re here for you!

Project Managers

On-Camera Coaches

Web Gurus



About Pros

We are a team of true experts, dedicated to bringing your vision to life. Whether you prefer remote filming or having our pros come to you, we'll meet your needs, ensuring a seamless experience.


Our reach extends to clients worldwide. However, we're based outside of Charleston, South Carolina (4 minutes from the beach). It's a great place to live, work, and visit!

About Pros
Lead Pros

Lead Pros

Jonathan Shanin headshot v2.jpg

Jonathan Shanin

CEO, Humanry


      888-444-2468 Ext. 701
+1-864-432-2468 Ext. 701

Jonathan Shanin is the innovative mind behind Humanry Stories, revolutionizing digital marketing with immersive video experiences. Beginning his career in 1995, Jonathan has been at the forefront of digital marketing for decades, where he has been dedicated to leveraging these platforms for the betterment of individuals, companies, charities, and governments alike. Jonathan's passion for harnessing the power of technology to drive meaningful change has cemented his legacy as a trailblazer in the digital marketing sphere. ACHIEVEMENTS • $120M+ client revenue, • 100K+ medical patients in the Amazon • Directed 2,000+ talking head videos • Mentored 100+ teenagers Away from Humanry Stories, Jonathan loves time with this family, building dream worlds with Legos, kayaking, cycling, hiking, and trying to figure out kiteboarding.

Jeff Plumblee headshot v2.jpg

Jeff Plumblee

COO, Humanry


      888-444-2468 Ext. 702
+1-864-432-2468 Ext. 702

Jeff Plumblee is a seasoned operations leader with a proven track record in startups, project management, and driving innovation. His diverse background includes building and coaching entrepreneurial ventures and spearheading initiatives that foster growth and efficiency. Jeff excels in applying strategic thinking to optimize processes and deliver impactful results. ACHIEVEMENTS • Created a successful business line within a Fortune 500 company. • Taught 1,000+ students engineering, innovation, and project management. • Coached innovation and entrepreneurship for the National Renewable Energy Lab and United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization. • 40+ peer-reviewed publications and presentations Outside of Humanry Stories, Jeff enjoys spending time with his 3 kiddos and wife, playing pickleball, and watching football over a drink with friends.


Meet Dr. Clark

Dr. Trey Clark

Dr. Trey Clark
Owner | Dentist, Harleston Dental

I'm Dr. Trey Clark, dentist and owner of Harleston Dental, and I would like to share my remarkable experience with Humanry. As a healthcare professional, building trust with my patients is of paramount importance, and Humanry has truly revolutionized the way I connect with prospective patients.

Humanry Stories introduce me and my practice to potential patients. Patients now trust that I am the right dentist for them before they make their first appointment.

The result? The impact on my practice has been significant, with a dramatic increase in patient bookings. It's a remarkable shift, and I have Humanry to thank for it.

Dr. Clark’s 3 Favorite Benefits

1. Profit – Gains 1 to 3 new patients daily.

2. Engagement – Visitors spend nearly 8 minutes on his website.

3. Memorable – Stands out in an area saturated with dentists.

Humanry has been a game-changer for my dental practice and has significantly bosted our bottom line. Now our digital footprint establishes immediate connections, builds trust, and increases my patient base. I highly recommend Humanry to any professional looking to enhance their online presence and connect with their audience on a deeper level.

You're In Good Company

Leaders rely us to grow human-to-human interactions online.

Perry Gladstone

Perry Gladstone

“Jonathan Shanin and Humanry have created the perfect system to foster and develop authentic relationships between companies and customers. By removing obstacles and enabling trust, they deliver an impactful experience for everyone involved. On a personal level, Jonathan's commitment to excellence is unparalleled and a welcome beacon for all who strive to excel.”

Executive Coach & Advisor
 Verified Partner 


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For partnership inquiries, please use the contact form below.

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Worldwide    +1-864-432-2468

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