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I'm Dr. Trey Clark, dentist and owner of Harleston Dental, and I would like to share my remarkable experience with Humanry Stories. As a healthcare professional, building trust with my patients is of paramount importance, and Humanry Stories has truly revolutionized the way I connect with prospective patients.

In today's digital age, first impressions are often made online, and I found that people need to get to know me and my practice before they make an appointment. This is where Humanry Stories stepped in and changed the game for me.

Humanry Stories introduces me and my practice to potential patients. These videos have made it possible for people to get to know me before they make an appointment. This, in turn, has built an immediate connection and trust that was previously hard to establish through static web content.


The result? Patients now trust that I am the right dentist for them before they make their first appointment. The impact on my practice has been significant, with a noticeable increase in patient bookings and satisfaction. It's a remarkable shift, and I have Humanry Stories to thank for it.

In conclusion, Humanry Stories has been a game-changer for me and my dental practice. It has harnessed the power of video and interactivity to help me establish immediate connections, build trust, and increase my patient base. I highly recommend Humanry Stories to any professional looking to enhance their online presence and connect with their audience on a deeper level.


Dr. Trey Clark


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Don't leave your first touch point with potential customers to chance.

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