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"Humanry has perfected the process of helping us continuously grow our medical practice."

Dr. Andrew J. McMarlin, DO CAQSM

"Humanry's patience with those they choose to work with, in our opinion, sets them far apart. This is all to preface the point: Humanry's work on our behalf has made a crucial difference. Thank you, Mr. Shanin."

Bo Bryan

"Jonathan is adept at understanding each individual’s needs and addressing them personally. His tireless grit and work ethic are unstoppable as he brings his authenticity and passion to every engagement. His unique communication style and collaboration make it easy to understand what to do to be effective in any situation."

Damien Stevens

"For more than 20 years, I have been working with Jonathan. When Jonathan calls, I will always respond. He simply brings out the best in everyone.  Jonathan’s unwavering positivity and steadfast tenacity have impressed me so much time and again. Jonathan asks, why settle in life, work, or whatever activity you are doing? His approach to problem solving yields outstanding and time tested results. His integrity and leadership skills exhibit his strong emotional intelligence among those whom which he partners. If you haven’t had an opportunity to work with him, reach out! His attitude is contagious and you will be all the better for it."

James Willey

"Jon puts words into action! He lays out a plan and executes. He has a drive that only increases when challenges arise.”

Sam Galvan

"Jonathan Shanin and Humanry have created the perfect system to foster and develop authentic relationships between companies and customers. By removing obstacles and enabling trust, they deliver an impactful experience for everyone involved."

Perry Gladstone

"Jonathan’s ability to understand my long-term vision and create a sustainable plan has been invaluable. I continue to follow his strategies, which seamlessly adapt to the evolving business landscape. Jonathan has a knack for simplifying complexity. I highly recommend Jonathan as a strategic partner."

Andy Gibson

"Jonathan's leadership stands out for his empathetic communication, strategic flexibility, and unwavering integrity. His meticulous organization and adaptability meet individual needs, fostering an inclusive environment. His work ethic and resilience ensure the program's smooth operation… Jonathan is more than a program leader; he is a beacon of hope, inspiring potential…”

Jack Sterling

"Wonderful time working with Jonathan. He has a unique ability to connect people and create meaningful experiences. I wouldn't hesitate to collaborate again.”

Harris Quinn

"I love working with these guys! The expertise and enthusiasm Jonathan and his staff have for helping clients is truly inspiring.”

Daniel Soloway

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