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In 2019, Humanry's executive team recognized two things:

  1. Remote businesses were quickly gaining prevalence; and

  2. Remote businesses tended to succeed wildly, or fail spectacularly.


So we asked:

What skills, beliefs, perceptions, and habits do highly-successful leaders of 100% remote companies have in common?


That question prompted a year-long research project that became particularly relevant in March 2020. 


  1. Data collection of existing secondary data from 47 authoritative sources on remote operations, including databases, reports, guides, surveys, and articles to establish benchmarks and best practices.

  2. Review, examination, and categorization of data by a team of remote operations experts, experienced in launching, scaling, and operating remote teams over their 20-year careers in information-based industries.

  3. Quantitative methodological design, sampling, analysis, and interpretation led by an instructional designer, with input from remote experts from various roles, and IE (emotional-intelligence) competency researchers.

  4. Case studies including interviews and observations of companies utilizing assessments to evaluate their value, accuracy, and effectiveness.

Resulting Framework

The Resulting Framework

The research identified 6 dimensions of remote leadership among successful remote leaders.


This framework forms the basis of Humanry's 2021 Remote Leadership Self-Assessment, the first online test of its kind, designed to empower leaders as they transition to remote operations during the most profound mass workplace transformation of our lifetimes. 

Ongoing Research

Humanry's remote leadership research is ongoing. Assessment responses and general information provided by participants in the 2021 Remote Leadership Self-Assessment are detached from any personally identifiable information, aggregated with other assessment responses, and analyzed in Humanry’s ongoing research in order to deepen our understanding of trends and and nuances of remote leadership. See our Product Terms and Privacy Policy for additional information.

Humanry's 2021 Remote Leadership Self-Assessment will be refined to include the data and insights gathered from the 2021 Remote Leadership Self-Assessment, presented in context to the changing business environment as the pandemic and subsequent economic uncertainty plays out.

Research in Action

2021 Cover.png

This self-assessment helps executives who are new to the world of remote work, and leadership of remote employees orient themselves to the six dimensions of remote work identified in Humanry's research.

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