Employee Assessments

Knowing how your people think and feel about their work experiences allows you to implement changes that drive business outcomes.

Measuring What Matters

Setting goals and priorities, establishing benchmarks, and tracking changes over time takes the mystery out of how your workforce is performing.

Our custom employee surveys provide actionable insights, identify blind spots, reduce attrition, and improve performance.

Actionable Insights

Combine the assessments  below into a single survey for a comprehensive data set, or implement single surveys over time to track specific metrics.

Multiple Data Sets


Employee Engagement

Determine your employees’ level of engagement—their sense of connectedness to your company and its mission.


Identify ways to increase their satisfaction and level of commitment to improve workflow, boost productivity, and reduce attrition.

Humanry can help you devise and implement an employee listening program to understand how to align, connect, and engage your people to realize productivity gains.

of employees want to provide feedback more than once per year. They want to feel heard.


Feedback and Listening



Measure the level of trust across your organization or among teams.


Determine whether your current policies and management style help or hinder productivity.


Know whether co-workers believe others have positive motives and intentions, and that your company acts with honesty and integrity.


Understand employees’ daily experience, and how they treat your customers as a result.

Custom Metrics, Interests, and Performance Assessments

How can we help you gather data, diagnosis issues, and track performance of your employees?