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Hi, I’m Jonathan. A passionate digital marketing consultant with over 20 years of experience working in both start-up companies and large organizations managing multiple complex, multi-functional, digital marketing projects simultaneously. Possess full stack experience in managing digital marketing strategies, staff, website development, customer journey mapping, persona development, email marketing, digital assets, public relations, SEO, KPIs (CTR, CPC, ROI, dashboards), and analytics.

With a deep understanding of the digital landscape and a commitment to staying at the forefront of industry trends, I am your go-to expert for strategic digital marketing solutions. Let's work together to conquer your challenges and achieve digital marketing success that drives growth and ROI for your business.


      888-444-2468 Ext. 701
+1-864-432-2468 Ext. 701

1995 – Marketing On Search Engines

Before The Term, SEO Existed!!!


An engineer by degrees and training, Jonathan became one of the forefathers of Seach Engine Optimization. His engineering clients became his first Search Engine Optimization clients.

* Client’s net sales increased from ($572 million to $685 million).

2003 – 1st Year Of Corporate Giving


AceEngine donated 10% of the gross income of the firm from 2003 until the firm was sold in 2009.

2008 – First of many medical expeditions in the Amazon

This video was the daily scene when the doors of the Regional Hospital open at 6 a.m.



Because of AidJoy and their partners, 18,000 more people receive medical care each year.


Consequently, this frenzied rush seeking care no longer exists!

2009 – New Business Model

Jonathan develops a new business model for hospital boats in the Amazon rainforest in partnership with the organization Project Amazonas.


The new business model provided funding for a 6x increase in medical trips.

Dr. Ernesto Salazar, Former Minister of Health in the Loreto Region of Peru.

1999 – AceEngine Is Founded


In 1999 Jonathan Shanin founded AceEngine, one of the first Search Engine Optimization firms in the country. He architected processes and software that moved web pages to the first page of search engines.

2008 – AidJoy Is Launched


Jonathan founded AidJoy in 2008, the first non-profit capacity-building consultancy of its kind in the United States—a charity whose mission is to help other charities.


2009 – Discovery phase of medical program expansion.


Jonathan's foundation, AidJoy, begins an intensive research project into the scope of medial care in the Amazon rainforest.


2011 – Grown By Another 2x


Our partner's increased revenue fuels the purchase of a new hospital boat, doubling their medical volunteer capacity.



2012 – Executive Producer of Medical Documentaries


AidJoy begins filming of a documentary mini-series on medical aid in the Amazon rainforest.

2013 – Growth, Growth, Growth


  • Siemens AG becomes the first sponsor of a new hospital.

  • Project Amazonas purchases a third speed boat (ambulance)

  • Medical expeditions are multiplied to 10+ trips annually.

2013 – Partnership With The United States Embassy


“Thousands of mothers, kids, men, and women have benefited from this project… Many lives have been saved.”


2014 – Siemens Amazon Hospital groundbreaking!

2014 – Grown From 1,500 Patients To 19,000 Patients


Jonathan and his team have now scaled Amazon medical programs from treating 1,500 patients to treating 19,000 patients annually.


2015 – We're In History Books!

Nelson GEO 8, 2015 Textbook:
(Left) Nobel Peace Prize winner, Malala Yousafzai; (Right) charity partners delivering medical care.


nationwide map

2020-2023 – Expansion

Jonathan's foundation, AidJoy, is currently in the process of identifying an ideal partner or partners to bring experiential learning programs to cities throughout the United States.

2017-2020 – Building A Better Tomorrow With Prisma Health


In partnership with Prisma Health we introduced teenagers to careers in medicine. So far 168 highly motivated teenagers have graduated from our program.

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